Bedding is a bedclothes, the materials laid above the mattress of a is called bedding sets. bedding contain Bed sheets, duvet covers, blanket, quilt, bedspread, comforter sets and etc


Pillow is a perfect solution for night sleeping. A bed pillow that's cool, won't lose pillow shape and is complete for any position of sleeping. Pillow makes your night of rest and relaxation, It Supportive, Cool, and Comfortable

Bed Sheets


Bed Sheets can make all the difference in a Sweet Dreams night of restless sleep and the soundest, coziest snooze of your life. These five guarantee the latter. A sheet is a piece of cloth used as bedding sets, It placed above or below on your bed occupants. BedSheets make in a sweat dream of restless sleep and the comfort and luxury of your life. Bed sheets can be divided into two type top or bottom


The blanket is a piece of soft clothing that covers the whole body of the person. Blanket available in multiple sizes according to bodies, It makes you comfortable to sleep. It keeps your body warm. People like to keep blankets on their bed at night sleeping with sweat Dream.

Comforter Sets

The comforter set is thick; it keeps your body warm. It is filled with a cozy cotton, fluffy and lightweight filler which is quilted or stitched to secure the filling that makes your bed in plush style with a comforter set. A comforter is a form of a piece of all of your bed. Comforter sets keep you cozy with amazing paired of bed skirt with a perfect unit. Lightweight and cozy cotton comforter sleep cooler than anything else

Duvet Covers


It is made from sheets. Duvet cover is considered button closure and corner tabs that keep the comforter stays in place. it is easy to clean, wash and to Replace duvet covers


A quilt has multiple layers textiles like batting, top, and bottom. The top layer of a quilt is made from many pieces of fabric stitched with a different design. The quilt is made with a machine not in handmade. It is usually made of cotton woven cloth top, the layer of batting and woven back.


A woven Coverlet is a cover of bed with hanging down a few inches past the box spring, although it will not touch the floor and also not touch pillow. It is also light weighted and smaller than the bedspread. A coverlet is over a duvet


It is lightweight Decorative and covers your entire bed bedspread coming Up over the pillow and touching the floor on your bedroom. Bedspread is single lay bedding. Dress up your bedroom with the Luxury bedspread. It is warm and stylish. It is made from soft cotton percale fabric with high quality and Protects bedding, pillows, and etc


A decorative throw that comes in different size & designs. Nowadays Throws produced from the wide array of fabrics, cotton and it could be wool, silk, and velvet. Throws is cozy and warm with soft. A Perfect piece for bed and travels


Neckroll is a small element of bedding that’s placed in your pillowcase that supports neck while you are sleep. It helps to provide the right support for your neck to help keep it in alignment while lying in bed.

Mattress protector

It is used above the mattress it protects sleeper for allergy. The mattress protector is Mattress Protector, Waterproof, and Breathable. Make a healthy sleeping environment free of allergens and dust mites with your mattress keep clean the mattress.

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